Why Should You Drink More Water?

December 25, 2022

We’re instructed to stay hydrated, but do we even know why? Sure, water has several functions it performs in the body system, but do they extend to the skin too? Can you achieve that skin radiance that seems so rampant on social media just by drinking enough water?

Well, there are many benefits of hydration to the skin, not just the body’s internal workings. So, yes, your water intake can be determined merely by looking at your skin. For instance, did you know your skin is also an organ?

It’s not just your internal organs that need water to thrive, but your entire body. Keep reading to discover how beneficial water is to the skin!

Six benefits of water to the skin

1. It reduces wrinkles

Although wrinkling is an inevitable part of aging, insufficient water in the body also contributes to it. That’s because of a reduction in your skin elasticity. So, when you consume more water, you’ll have lesser lines and wrinkles.

2. It reduces puffiness

When your face gets puffy sometimes, it’s not always because of the bowl of ramen you consumed the night before. Sometimes, it’s because your body doesn’t have enough water, so it swells up to retain what little you have in your system.

Increasing your water intake helps prevent or combat skin swelling, puffiness, and redness.

3. It improves your complexion

Did you know that your skin has a natural glow? However, because of stress, unhealthy diets, and insufficient water intake, your skin may lose its healthy glow.

You can easily remedy a significant part of these issues by increasing your water intake. Sufficient water can help you flush out all the toxins in your system, thereby giving you a radiant glow.

4. Water clears acne

Common causes of acne are toxicity and large pores. Water can flush the toxic and acne-causing bacteria in your system while shrinking your pores. There’ll be less breathing room for acne and other skin infections with smaller pores.

In addition, too much oil can also be responsible for clogging our pores. However, increasing your water intake evens out the imbalance between your body’s water and oil content, thereby reducing acne outbreaks.

5. It tightens your skin

Water can also help make your skin plumper and bouncy. It’s great for areas like your jaw, chin, and other skin parts that tend to get saggy. More water means more skin elasticity.

6. It improves your pH balance

Your pH balance has a considerable impact on how healthy your skin looks. If you want to reduce impurities on your skin and face, water can help. Water also helps your pH levels when you wash your face and skin; it works internally and externally.


Water is an essential part of every beauty routine. Drinking enough water will help you cut back on some of your beauty care expenses.