How To Effortlessly Smell Good All Day

January 11, 2023

One of the most attractive qualities about a person is how they smell. Of course, this takes effort. However, it’s pretty easy to do once it becomes a part of your routine.

When you smell good, you feel confident. So, follow these tips to smell like a delicious treat all day long:

1. Stay hydrated

This is a widespread beauty hack, and it works for everything. If you’re trying to lose weight, fight an acne breakout, have glowing skin, you name it, and staying hydrated will help.

This means it’s also applicable to smelling good all day. That’s because water dilutes the toxins in your body that can create unpleasant smells.

Staying hydrated also helps when you’ve had a few slices of garlic bread, a cup of your favorite latte, or that bag of onion rings.

2. Spray your closet once in a while

Did you know that spraying your closet every other weekend can help you step out smelling like a decadent treat? The scents get absorbed by your clothes and will always smell good. That way, you can give them a lasting signature smell.

Let’s take this hack up a notch – try mixing some of your favorite scents. For instance, this week, maybe that Chanel perfume will work wonders, but you’ll substitute it for another favorite of yours the following week.

3. Add some perfume to your hairbrush

Grooming is also a way you can smell good all day. Typically, we expect that you pay regular visits to your hairstylist to wash and style your hair.

As such, your hair must already smell great, but by adding some of your favorite scents to your hairbrush, you can smell even better. The smell will linger on your hair strands, and flipping your hair or walking by will leave a great impression on those around you.

4. Blend your scents

In our daily grooming routine, we use a lot of beauty products. First, we start with that sugar scrub in the shower, then the bath gel, your body lotion, and face care products, to name just a few.

Then, you don your clothing, which already has a scent from the laundry – the smell of your detergent.

Every lady should learn to blend these scents. When they clash, it may not leave you with the desired results and nullifies spending a fortune on your perfumes and other scented beauty care products.

5. Pay attention to layering

Finally, layering is also applicable for your scents. Ensure that the first layer, your bathing products, don’t overpower the next layer, which is your body lotion. Then, the emphasis should be on the final one, your signature scent.


A good scent is one of the most essential parts of a woman’s wardrobe. Even when you look good, talk charmingly, and comport yourself like a princess, it’s the scent that makes the real impression.