Interesting Facts About Sugar

December 31, 2022

There’s no doubt about it – sugar is one of the tastiest and most sought-after food items. Studies have shown that Americans individually consume about three pounds of sugar weekly or 152 pounds annually. Manufacturers add sugar to many products we consume – pastries, cereals, carbonated drinks, you name it.

One of the natural reactions we can all relate to when we consume sugar is the desire for more. Most times, it’s not because we can’t have enough, but because of our increased fructose intake. Fructose is a compound that makes you crave more sugary foods.

Although it seems that the detrimental effects of consuming sugar far outweigh the benefits, it’s essential to remember the key factor – it becomes a problem only when you consume too much. Still, on that note, allow us to explore some endearing facts about sugar that may be its redeeming factor. Enjoy!

Five Interesting facts about sugar

1. Sugar was initially a spice, not a sweetener

Sugar was initially reserved for the wealthy and was sprinkled on their meals to increase the flavor outburst. They previously classified it with spices like thyme, cinnamon, ginger, and other expensive exotic spices.

2. Sugar is present in all plants

All plants contain sugar; it’s a byproduct of photosynthesis. However, the significant sources of consumable sugar are sugarcane and sugar beet because these plants are the only ones that have the physical ability to produce sugar crystals for consumption. Sugarcane is the go-to sugar source, making up about 75 percent of our consumption. The other 25 percent comes from sugar beets.

3. Sugar can’t spoil

Sugar doesn’t spoil, and you can also use it for its preservative qualities to prolong the shelf life of your foods. Sugar can absorb moisture from cells and will do that if you introduce it to microorganisms like bacteria.

4. Sugar is excellent for injuries

Sprinkling sugar on an open wound can help accelerate the healing process. The wound closes faster because the sugar present absorbs the moisture from bacteria and other infections, subsequently killing them.

This method is used for infections on wounds that are resistant to antibiotics. It was also an option for people who couldn’t afford antibiotics back in the day.

5. Dogs love sugary foods

Dogs have a sweetness receptors, so they enjoy sweet foods like humans. We bet you think it’s normal to enjoy tasty decadents, but it’s not. You see, cats aren’t capable of tasting the sugary component in foods because they lack sweet receptors. So, that chunk of tasty cookie you’ve been feeding your cat has been nothing more than a mere chunk!


Although sugar has its irreplaceable importance to our bodies, it’s best to avoid overindulging our natural cravings for it. Too much sugar can result in an increased and abnormal rate of skin aging, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and an array of other medical conditions that can also be life-threatening.