How Does Your Lifestyle Influence Your Fashion Decisions?

December 14, 2022

It’s very easy to tell the type of lifestyle a person has when checking their clothing choices.

Those who enjoy the outdoors, they’ll likely have more outdoor clothes. People who spend time working out will have a decent amount of athletic wear. If you’re a working or corporate woman, you’ll spend more of your time in an office, so a higher percentage of your clothing will be office wear.

Now, the essence of this article is to help you see how relevant your lifestyle is when you’re buying outfits. When you understand the significance, you’ll make better fashion and financial decisions.

Introverts and Extroverts

For those of us who are introverts, one of the things we love the most is buying dresses. We imagine ourselves agreeing to that next invitation to hang with friends. However, more often than not, we decline those invites. Before you know it, you have another dress without the desire to go anywhere.

So, as an introvert, you’ll likely spend most of your time indoors. Comfortable clothing like joggers, loose tops, and other outfits are better suited for your wardrobe. However, nothing is stopping you from buying that bomb dress you’ve had your eyes on for a while or those pair of heels.

The most important thing is to avoid stacking up clothing when you still have a whole batch that you haven’t worn out.

On the other hand, extroverts have no difficulty in this manner. It’s expected that most of your clothing will be an outfit you can wear to different occasions. Trendy dresses are suitable choices, as there’s already an assurance that you’ll wear them at least once or twice before they go out of fashion.

You’ll own comfortable clothing too, but it’s safe to say there won’t be as many as your out-of-the-house ones since you’ll spend more time in society.

Working Remote or Corporate Jobs

Working remotely will obviously mean you spend more time at home. During the pandemic, most people had to work from home, so if you were a corporate worker, you likely had to look formal during your video conferencing meetings. However, for those who entirely work from home, in a non-official capacity, wearing the most comfortable clothing is usually the priority. As such, your work clothes are “home clothes” too, and you’ll have little to no problem buying them online or in stores.


When buying outfits to add to your wardrobe, consider your professional life. Does it take up most of your time, leaving you with next time no time for a social life? Well, if it does, you can buy those dresses you love, but remember to stay away from the trendy ones, as they go out of fashion really fast.