Four Reasons Your Home Office Needs a Printer

December 20, 2022

Working from home offers so many benefits – there’s convenience, comfort, privacy, and many others. You get to do your work at your pace, and if you run a business, then that’s even better.

Now, technology and the virtual world are essential and have served us excellently over the years. Technology makes living effortless, while the virtual world is like a twin to the physical world. In reality, some people spend even more time in the virtual world than in the physical, on their phones, tablets, and personal computers.

Well, while the virtual world and its components seem more ideal than the physical, some aspects just can’t be replaced. Sure, reading an e-book is great, but it doesn’t give you the experience of reading from a hard copy.

The same applies to using some gadgets. Trends indicate that the world will eventually become paperless, with features like Cloud storage making it possible to store heavy files online.

Business owners might appreciate the relief of going paperless, but some documents are better in a hard copy. This blog post will explore why business owners need printers even in a seemingly paperless world.

Four Reasons Your Home Office Needs a Printer

Here are four reasons you may want to reconsider hopping on the paperless trend in your home office:

1. Prints leave longer-lasting impressions

Studies have shown that reading a printed document has more cognitive impact than reading an e-copy. It’s also a better option because you leave a long-lasting impression on your target audience by opting for physical branding.

2. Too much competition in the virtual world

Everyone seems to believe that the world is going paperless, so business owners clamor to move their businesses online. That’s great, as you can have access to a broader target market.

However, you shouldn’t focus all your branding and marketing online. Remember, you have nature on your side – no matter how much the world progresses in paperless technology, the human brain will always prefer the physical copy.

So, instead of clamoring to advertise online, in a world where millions of business owners market their products, why not make a large percentage of branding a physical affair?

3. Print is more credible

For many obvious reasons, most people find printed documents more credible than the alternative. People prefer to sign physical documents and keep them safe in more professional settings than to leave their valuable documents in an online world.

When entering into a contract with a client, offer them the printed form of the agreement, and you’ll see just how important a printer is to your home office. It makes dealing with you seem more credible.

4. People are also growing tired of the virtual world

Despite the many benefits technology offers, the cases of people in dire need of digital detoxification are on the rise. So, you may think the world favors technology more, but many would give their left limb to go back to the good old days.

Your business will certainly attract people who still value conventional methods.


Deciding to go on a paperless trail doesn’t necessarily determine the success of your business, so do what works for you. You can even combine both options but never rely entirely on a trend.