Four Reasons You Need to Consume Less Sugar

December 28, 2022

Decadent treats are tasty sources that produce some of the best feeling hormones in the body. That’s why it becomes increasingly easy to overly indulge in them. Let’s not also forget how good they feel in our mouths, making us long for the next bite.

However, did you know that sugary foods are false fillers? This makes it possible to consume a significant amount without getting any nutrients whatsoever. If no one interferes, people with a sweet tooth can consume sugary foods all day and not get a single dietary need met, other than sugar.

While sugar is an indispensable dietary need, our bodies can have too much of it. The adverse effects of too much sugar are pretty numerous and highly alarming. This piece will put line four reasons you need to consume less sugar. So, let go of that decadent treat and read on!

Four Reasons to Reduce Your Sugar Intake

1. Increase in body weight

An increase in body weight is inevitable if you fail to reduce your sugar intake. Leptin is the hormone that tells you when to stop eating, and when you consume too much fructose, your body may develop a resistance to it. As such, you’ll keep eating even though you’re no longer hungry and will gain considerable weight if you keep this up.

Fructose also has a knack for increasing your desire for it – you’ll be unable to get enough and will seek out foods that are rich in it.

Visceral fat is another condition you have to deal with, which concerns the belly and is pretty challenging to get rid of. It has also been linked to medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

2. An increased risk of heart disease

Research has linked sugary foods directly to high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, inflammation, and other risk factors for heart disease. Constant consumption of soda and other sugary drinks can result in atherosclerosis, a medical condition involving clogged arteries.

3. An increased risk of cancer

It’s more like an indirect effect of consuming too much sugar. An abnormal sugar intake can result in weight gain, a reliable indication of impending obesity and diabetes. These are all risk factors for cancer.

In addition, when you consume too much sugar, your body builds insulin resistance, another risk factor for cancer.

4. An accelerated skin aging rate

Researchers suspect a relationship between skin aging and advanced glycation end products, also called AGEs. AGEs are formed due to sugar and protein reactions in your system. With increased consumption of decadent treats, your body produces more AGEs, which weaken collagen and elastin, the essential proteins that help you maintain young and fresh skin.

So, reduce your sugar intake to maintain your skin firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on it.


A significant reduction in sugar consumption can save and prolong your life. So, cut back on those midnight sugary treats today!