Fashion Accessories for Men

December 27, 2022

Carefully selected accessories can make any outfit, no matter how drab, fabulous. When we talk accessories, we’re sure your mind automatically goes to women’s accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bags, head adornments, etc. However, men also need accessories to look good and appear presentable.

Accessories are what set you apart from other men. They also help define your style and distinguish you from the regular guy. A little secret: men who wear accessories are more appealing to the ladies.

Four Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Men

If you’re the type of guy who likes to make the ladies swoon without breaking the bank, here are the must-have accessories that should be in your closet:

1. Belt

Belts come in many colors and styles and aren’t only supposed to be used to secure the waist of a pair of pants. You can also use them to style casual outfits and add a little color to your look.

There are many different types of belts for men. Leather belts are probably the most common type, but others range from casual belts to dress belts, leather-braided belts, D-Ring belts, and suede belts.

2. Wrist Watches

Wristwatches are one fashion accessory that can never go out of style. They are a multipurpose accessory and aren’t just meant for telling the time but also helping to define your style. They help to communicate your personality.

Just like belts, watches come in different styles. Choosing the watch to wear depends mainly on your outfit and occasion. So, it’s advisable to have at least two you can easily switch up for formal and casual days.

3. Suit Accessories

Nothing speaks class and luxury like a well-tailored suit. If you’re trying to nail an expensive-looking ensemble, a tuxedo is a way to go, and the only thing that’s more stylish than wearing this classic outfit is wearing one with matching accessories.

Suit accessories are the icing on the cake when wearing a suit. They help add another layer of sophistication to your outfit. Suit accessories include ties, tie clips, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and many others.

4. Sunglasses

Just as the name implies, sunglasses are supposed to help protect your eyes from the sun. Who says you can’t do that in style? The perfect sunglasses elevate your outfit any day, no matter how simple the outfit is.

Not all sunglasses fit everyone. When picking sunglasses, you should consider the structure of your face. For example, rectangular glasses suit round facial structures, while rounder glasses look better on people with sharp facial features.


Accessories are good compliments to any outfit. However, it’s not advisable to use a worn-out, rusty, or torn accessory. It’ll only make your outfit look tacky. If your accessories are not in good condition, always replace them before use.

To add a little color and class to your wardrobe, all you have to do is stock up on these four must-have fashion accessories for men.